Advocates in Oncology

Geriatric Oncology

Meeting the Needs of Older Adults With Cancer

Beverly Canin  / November 10, 2016

I have served as a patient advocate in many different ways since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2000. For many years, my advocacy was focused on issues related to breast cancer. Since 2012, I have also been engaged in identifying and meeting the needs of the rapidly gro...

Health-Care Policy

NCCS Advocates for Legislation to Establish Medicare Service for Cancer Survivorship Care Planning

Kirsten Boyd Goldberg  / July 25, 2015

Some years after successful treatment of a childhood cancer, a 16-year-old survivor required surgery to replace both hip joints, which were damaged from therapy containing steroids. An x-ray of the teenager’s destroyed joints is a stark reminder of the serious health challenges faced by cancer survi...