2011 Best of ASCO Seattle


Improvements Highlighted in Treatment of Leukemias and Preleukemias

Certain preleukemic conditions and leukemia in high-risk patients have remained challenging to treat despite advances in hematology, according to Wendy Stock, MD, of the University of Chicago. But stu...


Novel Approaches and Agents Making Headway against Sarcoma

Novel approaches and agents reported at the ASCO 2011 Annual Meeting are improving outcomes in sarcoma, a heterogeneous disease with historically poor outcomes, according to William D. Tap, MD, Sectio...


Similar Outcomes Confirmed in Variety of Lymphoma Treatment Comparisons

Three abstracts reported at the Best of ASCO® meeting in Seattle provide guidance to hematologists when it comes to long-standing gray areas in lymphoma management, according to Oliver Press, MD, PhD,...

Colorectal Cancer

Standards of Care Confirmed in Latest Group of Colorectal Cancer Trials

Colorectal cancer studies reported at this year’s ASCO meeting offered little in the way of practice-changing information, according to Axel Grothey, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Bu...

Lung Cancer

Incremental Advances Demonstrated in Management of Locoregional Lung Cancer

Data presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting this year on the management of locoregional lung cancer present a mixed picture, with some advances and some disappointments, according to H. Jack West, MD, o...

Lung Cancer

Research Increasingly Points to the Role of Molecular Diversity in Metastatic Lung Cancer

Molecular diversity—its existence, extent, and implications for therapy—was a central theme of key metastatic lung cancer studies presented at this year’s ASCO meeting, according to D. Ross Camidge, M...