O Physician, MY Physician

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Where Art thou
O Physician
With comforting smiles
Soft touching hands
Your words that soothe
And eyes that sympathize

What happened
O Physician
With transforming skills
A frown is affixed
The hands barely touch
Your words are hurried
And eyes barely size

Like a peach
O Physician
Once with intricate fuzz
And heavenly sweetness
Now the texture all gone
The surface all bland
You seem empty inside

The student
O Physician
With wide opened eyes
Filled with human tenderness
Now dons the cap
Marketing his promotions
All emotions aside

Where once
O Physician
Sleep turned to winks
And concern filled the space
Now emptiness games
The hardened shelled domain
And yawns the great divide

From thought
O Physician
Where purpose once dwelt
And concern crafted desire
Now time is the enemy
And productivity reigns
With anemic emotions implied

It is time
O Physician
To gather your love
For all you hold dear
Before your vessel hardens
The change gains permanence
And you lose all pride

You are remembered
O Physician
For the Hands you hold
For the touch to console
For the joy you share
Think hard, the journey
And don’t let your pride slide

O Physician
My Physician
Let me see within you
The love you hold
To nurture and care
The desire to heal
Before both our souls are
buried in cries ■


Dr. Dara is an oncologist practicing in Toms River, New Jersey.




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