Meta-Analysis Shows Survival Benefit of Preoperative Chemotherapy in NSCLC

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In a systematic review and individual patient meta-analysis reported in The Lancet,1 the NSCLC Meta-analysis Collaborative Group found that neoadjuvant therapy for non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) was associated with a significant 13% reduction in risk of death. Significant benefits in recurrence-free survival and time to distant recurrence were also observed.1

Preoperative chemotherapy was associated with a 13% improvement in overall survival. Preoperative chemotherapy was associated with a 15% improvement in recurrence-free survival and a 31% improvement in time to distant recurrence.

The investigators concluded, “Findings, which are based on 92% of all patients who were randomised, and mainly stage IB–IIIA, show preoperative chemotherapy significantly improves overall survival, time to distant recurrence, and recurrence-free survival in resectable NSCLC. The findings suggest this is a valid treatment option for most of these patients. Toxic effects could not be assessed.”

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1. NSCLC Meta-analysis Collaborative Group: Preoperative chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer. Lancet. February 25, 2014 (early release online).

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