ASCO Answers Topic-Specific Booklet Bundle

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FINDING TRUSTED resources to support some conversations with your patients can be challenging—ASCO is here to help. Use the ASCO Answers booklet bundle to guide discussions with patients and caregivers and provide them with the ideal take-home resource.

This topic-specific booklet bundle includes 10 copies of each of the following titles:

  • Managing Your Weight After a Cancer Diagnosis
  • Stopping Tobacco Use After a Cancer Diagnosis
  • Advanced Cancer Care Planning
  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care
  • Managing Cancer-Related Pain
  • Palliative Care.

Download a free printable PDF of each title at, or visit to order this bundle of 60 booklets for just $20 (only $0.33 each). Free domestic shipping is included, and ASCO members save 20%.

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