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prostate cancer

Miriam Knoll, MD, and Zachery Reichert, MD, PhD, on Prostate Cancer: Focal Radiation for Oligometastatic Castration-Resistant Disease

Miriam Knoll, MD, and Zachery Reichert, MD, PhD, discuss the FORCE trial, which is examining whether radiation can create a more durable response to systemic therapy, and whether using newer, more sensitive imaging technologies can improve outcomes (Abstract TPS5096).

lung cancer

Miriam Knoll, MD, and Richard J. White, DO, on Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Predicting Radiotherapy/Immunotherapy Treatment Outcomes

Miriam Knoll, MD, of Hackensack University Medical Center, and Richard J. White, DO, of Allegheny Health Network, discuss improved overall survival among younger female patients with non–small cell lung cancer who have a lower comorbidity score, lower grade, private insurance, and treatment with...

issues in oncology

Harnessing the Power of Twitter for Clinical Trial Enrollment and Success

CLINICAL TRIALS are vital for advancing cancer care for our patients. Each trial represents an unanswered problem for which researchers are committed to solving. Designing, funding, recruiting, and completing a trial are tremendous undertakings for each researcher, physician, patient, and...

Women in Oncology: Breaking Down Barriers and Looking to the Future

There has been no better time than the present for women in the field of oncology: Women at all stages of their careers are finding more opportunities and avenues to excel. At the time of the last ASCO workforce survey, women made up 28.4% of the oncologist workforce, and that proportion is rising...