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‘So How Long Do I Have?’

Imagine accidentally falling off an abyss. One simply cannot fully understand the gravity of the situation! You might skip a beat thinking about it while sitting in a chair in your living room, if you have tons of empathy, as you try to get into the shoes that are flailing for survival. But there...

The Audacity of Courage

We have toolsWe have ghoulsBut nowhere are there more foolsThan in the rulesfrom those who govern the tools!        In the bias       That climbs on the shoulders       To bring plausibility       Through implied causality,Where is ignorance?Where is reality?Where are all the tools of Reason?       ...

O Physician, MY Physician

Where Art thou O Physician With comforting smiles Soft touching hands Your words that soothe And eyes that sympathize What happened O Physician With transforming skills A frown is affixed The hands barely touch Your words are hurried And eyes barely size Like a peach O Physician Once with intricate ...

To the One of the Many

(Using Shakespeare’s words to confront the plight of a Physician)   Give me that man That is not passion’s slave Give me that blanket that comforts and soothes For in my heart There was a fighting that would not let me sleep, Our indiscretion Sometimes serves us well. In those wakeful...