MASCC Awards Honorary Lifetime Membership

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Hans-Jürg Senn, MD

The Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer ­(MASCC) has awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership status to Hans-Jürg Senn, MD, based on his commitment, vision, and extraordinary service to the Society and its publication Supportive Care in Cancer, according to Society News, the MASCC newsletter. Along with Jean Klastersky and ­Steven Schimpff, Professor Senn founded MASCC 22 years ago. He served as the first Editor-in-Chief of Supportive Care in Cancer for 17 years. 

MASCC has noted that Professor Senn’s leadership has been fundamental to advancing this supportive care society and that his contributions as a clinician researcher have improved the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

Professor Senn has served as Scientific Director of Tumor and Breast Center ZeTuP, St.Gallen, Switzerland since 1998. He is emerited Professor of Internal Medicine/Oncology at the University of Basel, Switzerland and Founding Chairman of St. Gallen International Oncology Conferences (since 1982).

Professor Senn is also the Founding Member of Swiss Society of Medical Oncology and President of Cancer Research Foundation of Eastern ­Switzerland. ■