Why They Voted: Comments From the Oncology Community

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1965: MOPP chemotherapy cures Hodgkin lymphoma

“This was the clearest proof of concept that cancer was/is curable. It gave great impulse to therapeutic research that ultimately improved outcomes in breast, colon, kidney cancer, the leukemias, and most childhood malignancies.”

2006: HPV vaccine approved to prevent cervical cancer

“This advance—if broadly adopted—could lead to the total eradication of cervical cancer globally as well. …Millions could be saved.”

2001: Imatinib transforms treatment for CML

[Imatinib] not only revolutionized CML, but cancer therapy in general. A targeted agent directed at a cancer-causing gene—it represents the dawn of targeted therapy for cancer.”

1977: PVB cures men with testicular cancer

“Took the most lethal cancer for young men to the most curable.”

1991: Powerful antinausea drugs alleviate major side effect of cancer treatment

“[Antiemetics] permit millions of patients to receive full cancer regimens, delivered in a timely fashion . . . many even continue to work and lead high-functioning lives during treatment.” ■

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