Quality of Cancer Care

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Joseph S. Bailes, MD

“It was very important to get our international colleagues invested in ASCO so that we could increase the organization’s global status. And we have.”

—Joseph S. Bailes, MD

Under my leadership as President, ASCO initiated the largest quality of cancer care study ever done. Called the National Initiative for Cancer Care Quality (NICCQ), we looked at more than 60 quality measures for stage I to III breast cancer and stage II to III colorectal cancer. We identified areas in need of improvement and suggested follow-up efforts to target and improve the quality of cancer care. Supported largely by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the study was a major undertaking that actually became the springboard for ASCO into cancer care quality research and education.

Now, the Society is globally recognized as the leader in cancer care quality. If I reflect back on my Presidency, I think my part in launching NICCQ was the highlight of an extremely rewarding year. And the reason that ASCO continues to grow is that we are viewed as an evidence-based international organization that puts the patient with cancer first. ■

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