Expert Point of View: Frederic Amant, MD, PhD

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Frederic Amant, MD, PhD

Frederic Amant, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Staff Gynecologic Oncologist, and Head of the Scientific Section of Gynecologic Oncology at University Hospitals Leuven in Leuven, Belgium, stressed that the study by Lambertini et al is a meta-analysis, not a randomized controlled trial. Nevertheless, he was enthusiastic about the results.

“The results are convincing. They suggest that indeed young women should get [luteinizing hormone–releasing hormone analog] to increase the likelihood of ovarian function preservation and fertility. This treatment prolongs time until menopause. Unfortunately, it is not being reimbursed in Belgium,” Dr. Amant noted.

“I would advocate for ovarian suppression during chemotherapy in women with breast cancer, and I think all clinicians and physicians should as well,” he commented.  ■

Disclosure: Dr. Amant reported no potential conflicts of interest.