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2017 ASCO Annual Meeting

Head and Neck Cancer

Expert Point of View: Denise A. Galloway, PhD

Denise A. Galloway, PhD, Associate Director, Human Biology Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, whose research focus is human papillomavirus (HPV), told The ASCO Post that these...

Head and Neck Cancer

Rates of Oral HPV Infection Plummet After Vaccination

Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) reduced the risk of acquiring oral HPV infections by 88%, in one of the first large studies to explore vaccination’s impact in the oropharynx. The st...

Hepatobiliary Cancer

Expert Point of View: Lipika Goyal, MD

Commenting on the BILCAP study, Lipika Goyal, MD, an oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, said: “These results are very intriguing. There is no current standard of care for adjuvant ...

Hepatobiliary Cancer

Adjuvant Capecitabine for Biliary Tract Cancer Yields Significant Improvement in Overall Survival

There is no standard adjuvant therapy for patients with resectable biliary tract cancer, but that may be about to change based on results of the phase III BILCAP trial.1 Adjuvant capecitabine signific...

colorectal cancer

ASCO 2017: Chance of Colon Cancer Recurrence Nearly Cut in Half in Patients Who Consume Nuts

An observational study of 826 patients with stage III colon cancer showed that those who consumed 2 ounces or more of nuts per week had a 42% lower chance of cancer recurrence and 57% lower chance of ...

gynecologic cancer

ASCO 2017: HPV Vaccination May Reduce Oral HPV Infections but Is Still Underutilized

In one of the first large studies to explore the possible impact of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination on oral HPV infections, researchers found it may confer a high degree of protection. The stud...

lung cancer

ASCO 2017: Gefitinib Treatment Can Delay Recurrence of Intermediate-Stage Lung Cancer

The targeted therapy gefitinib (Iressa) appears more effective in preventing recurrence after lung cancer surgery than the standard of care, chemotherapy. In a phase III clinical trial, patients with ...

colorectal cancer

ASCO 2017: Healthy Lifestyle After Colon Cancer Diagnosis Helps Extend Survival

A study of 992 patients with stage III colon cancer found that those who reported a healthy lifestyle during and following adjuvant treatment had a 42% lower chance of death and a trend for lower chan...

health-care policy

ASCO 2017: Increase in Early-Stage Cancer Diagnoses After Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

An analysis of nearly 273,000 patients showed that between 2013 and 2014 there was a 1% increase in the percentage of breast, lung, and colorectal cancers diagnosed at the earliest, most treatable sta...

hepatobiliary cancer

ASCO 2017: Adjuvant Capecitabine May Extend Survival in Biliary Tract Cancer

A phase III randomized clinical trial in 447 patients with biliary tract cancers showed that treating the disease with capecitabine after surgery extends survival by a median of 15 months compared to ...




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