Now Available: Communicating with Cancer Patients

Endorsed by the European Society of Medical Oncology

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John F. Smyth, MD

The European Society of Medical oncology has endorsed the newly released book, Communicating with Cancer Patients, written by Professor John F. Smyth, MD, of the University of Edinburgh, and designed for trainee oncologists, oncology nurses, and other health-care professionals involved in explaining the complexities of cancer to patients in their care.

Contents address different aspects of the challenges faced in communicating with patients with cancer, such as discussing the etiology of cancer, diagnosis and staging, and explaining the purpose of treatment, including chemotherapy, hormone treatment, and immunological and gene-based therapies. 

Individual copies are available to purchase at, or email ■

Communicating with Cancer Patients was published October 14, 2013, by CRC Press. Author John F. Smyth, MD, is Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.