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January 2013

Breast-Gynecological International Cancer Congress
January 17-18 • Cairo, Egypt
For more information: www.bgicc.eg.net/

Highlights of ASH® San Diego, CA and Toronto, Canada
January 18-19 • San Diego, CA and Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For more information: www.hematology.org/meetings

Case-based Clinical Hematology and Oncology 2013: The 10th Annual Review
January 18-20 • Scottsdale, Arizona
For more information: www.mayo.edu/cme

11th Oncology Update: Advances and Controversies
January 18-21 • Steamboat Springs, Colorado
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

2013 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium
January 24-26 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.gicasymposium.org

T-cell Lymphoma Forum
January 24-26 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.tcellforum.com

Highlights of ASH® Dallas, TX and New York, NY
January 25-26 • Dallas, Texas, and New York, New York
For more information: www.hematology.org/meetings

3rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Review
January 26 • Omaha, Nebraska
For more information: www.nebraskaoncology.org

The 15th International Symposium on Anti-Angiogenic Therapy: Recent Advances and Future Directions in Basic and Clinical Cancer Research
January 31-February 2 • San Diego, California
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences


February 2013

Highlights of ASH® Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA
February 1-2 • Miami, Florida, and San Francisco, California
For more information: www.hematology.org/meetings

Interventional Pulmonology in Cancer Patients: An Intensive Hands-on Course
February 7-9 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

Advances in Orbital Oncology and Oculofacial Plastic Surgery
February 8-9 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

Integrative Medicine Program’s 1st Annual Integrative Oncology Healthcare Professional Training Conference
February 8-9 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

Methods in Cancer Research Workshop
February 9-13 • Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
For more information: mcrw.kacst.edu.sa

ASCO-MECC Palliative Care Workshop
February 10-13 • Muscat, Oman
For more information: www.asco.org/palliativecare

Genomics in Medicine: Individualized Care for Improved Outcomes
February 11-12 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.triconference.com/genomics-personalized-medicine

Second Annual Targeting Cancer Stem Cells: Promising New Therapeutics for Oncology
February 11-12 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.triconference.com/targeting-cancer-stem-cells/

Quantitative Real-time PCR: Applications for Molecular Diagnostics
February 11-12 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.triconference.com/Quantitative-Pcr/

Molecular Med Tri-Con 2013
February 11-15 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.triconference.com

American Psychosocial Oncology Society 10th Annual Conference
February 14-16 • Huntington Beach, California
For more information: www.apos-society.org

2013 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium
February 14-16 • Orlando, Florida
For more information: www.gucasymposium.org

North Carolina Oncology Association & South Carolina Oncology Society Joint Membership Conference
February 14-16 • Greenville, South Carolina
For more information: www.ncoa-northcarolina.com

Scripps Cancer Center’s 33rd Annual Clinical Hematology and Oncology Conference
February 16-19 • San Diego, California
For more information: www.scripps.org/events/clinical-hematology-and-oncology-february-16-2013

2013 Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Update
February 22-23 • Weston, Florida
For more information: www.clevelandclinicmeded.com

2nd Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit
February 25-26 • Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information: www.gtcbio.com


March 2013

International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies
March 4-6 • Paris, France
For more information: www.tatcongress.org/tat13-home.html

24th Annual Cancer Progress Conference
March 5-6 • New York, New York
For more information: www.cancerprogressbyDH.com

Inaugural Prostate Cancer Research and Translation Symposium
March 6-7 • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
For more information: northwestahec.wfubmc.edu

NCCN 18th Annual Conference: Advancing the Standard of Cancer Care
March 14-17 • Hollywood, Florida
For more information: www.nccn.org

Highlights of ASH® in Asia
March 23-24 • Shanghai, China
For more information: www. hematology.org/meetings

23rd Annual National Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Conference
March 23-27 • Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information: www.breastcare.org/


April 2013

66th Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting
April 13-16 • Melbourne, Australia
For more information: www.usanz2013.com/

3rd ITLT Essen 2013 - Interdisciplinary Treatment of Liver Tumors
April 18-20 • Essen, Germany
For more information: www.itlt.org

7th Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology
April 20-24 • Portoroz, Slovenia
For more information: www.ceto.si

Highlights of ASH® in Latin America
April 25-26 • Santiago, Chile
For more information: www.hematology.org/meetings


May 2013

Precision Medicines in Breast Cancer
May 9-10 • London, United Kingdom
For more information: www.precisionmedicines.com

European Multidisciplinary Conference in Thoracic Oncology
May 9-11 • Lugano, Switzerland
For more information: www.esmo.org

The Psychological Impact of Cancer for Patients, Carers, and Families
May 15 • Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
For more information: www8.open.ac.uk/health-and-social-care/main/research/research-events/psychological-impact-of-cancer

Iowa Oncology Society Spring Membership Conference
May 17-18 • West Des Moines, Iowa
For more information: www.ios-iowa.com

The Bone Marrow Niche, Stem Cells, and Leukemia: Impact of Drugs, Chemicals, and the Environment
May 29-31 • New York, New York
For more information: www.nyas.org/bonemarrow

Interventional Oncology Sans Frontières
May 29-June 1 • Cernobbio, Italy
For more information: www.iosfc2013.org

2013 ASCO Annual Meeting
May 31-June 4 • Chicago, Illinois
For more information: www.asco.org


June 2013

12th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma
June 19-22 • Lugano, Switzerland
For more information: www.lymphcon.ch

6th International Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Symposium
June 20-22 • Istanbul, Turkey
For more information: www.npc2013.org

MASCC/ISOO 2013 International Cancer Care Symposium
June 27-29 • Berlin, Germany
For more information: mascc.kenes.com


July 2013

Up Close and Personalized: The 2nd International Congress on Personalized Medicine
July 25-28 • Paris, France
For more information:  www.upcp.org

Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course
July 26-28 • La Paz, Bolivia
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences


August 2013

Best of ASCO® Chicago
August 9-10 • Chicago, Illinois
For more information:  boa.asco.org

Best of ASCO® Los Angeles
August 16-17 • Los Angeles, California
For more information: boa.asco.org

ISEH – Society for Hematology and Stem Cells 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting
August 22-25 • Vienna, Austria
For more information: www.iseh.org/?2013Vienna

Best of ASCO® Boston
August 23-24 • Boston, Massachusetts
For more information: boa.asco.org

11th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology
August 29-31 • Sendai, Japan
For more information: www.congre.co.jp/jsmo2013/


September 2013

Breast Cancer Symposium 2013
September 7-9 • San Francisco, California
For more information: www.breastcasym.org

Comprehensive Board Review in Hematology and Medical Oncology
September 23-28 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

Cancer Survivorship Conference
September 27-28 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO European Cancer Congress 2013
September 27-October 1 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For more information:  www.ecco-org.eu

28th Annual Offering of Critical Issues in Tumor Microenvironment, Angiogenesis and Metastasis: from Bench to Bedside to Biomarkers
September 30-October 3 • Boston, Massachusetts
For more information: steelelab.mgh.harvard.edu/tumorcourse/


October 2013

Symposia on Cancer Research, Genomic Medicine
October 4-5 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

International Clinical Trials Workshop
October 17-18 • Santiago, Chile
For more information: www.asco.org/ASCOv2/About+ASCO/International+Affairs/International+Clinical+Trials+Workshops

4th International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer: Proliferation, Differentiation, and Apoptosis
October 19-22 • Mumbai, India
For more information: www.icscc.in

18th International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology
October 19-22 • Liverpool, United Kingdom
For more information: www2.kenes.com/esgo18

Society for Hematopathology/European Association for Haematopathology 2013 Workshop
October 24-26 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences

15th World Conference on Lung Cancer
October 27-31 • Sydney, Australia
For more information: www.2013worldlungcancer.org

Advances in Cancer Survivorship Practice: A Conference for Health Care Professionals
October 31-November 1 • Houston, Texas
For more information: www.mdanderson.org/conferences


November 2013

EMBL Conference on Cancer Genomics
November 3-5 • Heidelberg, Germany
For more information: www.embl.de


December 2013

55th ASH Annual Meeting
December 7-10 • New Orleans, Louisiana
For more information: www.hematology.org




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