The Mind-Body Program in Action

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Here are several real-life examples of the positive effects of the mind-body program, shared by Robin Hardbattle, MS, LAc, and the parents of children who benefited from it.

  • Breathing Practices and Guided Imagery: Prior to learning breathing practices and guided meditation, Matt, a 12-year-old boy, was experiencing pain and high levels of anxiety every week when it was necessary to have a line inserted. Later, when applying the breathing practices and guided meditation he had learned, he was able to deal with the procedure with little if any pain and without panic. After I guided him through this several times, he told me that he was okay and didn’t need me there anymore. His sense of control in place, Matt knew that he could confidently get through the procedure without fear.
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery: One parent explained how this approach helped her daughter and shared her gratitude. “I’ll never forget how you calmed my fearful daughter by teaching her to focus on her breath—her anchor—and how you transported her…. Your voice lulled her out of our tiny, loud, beeping machine-filled space to a space of tranquility, where the ocean waves gently crashed on the shore and the sun was beaming on her back. Thank you: Her body and spirit were so relaxed. You taught her to use her breath and mind to literally remove the noise of the hospital and distract her from her fears.”
  • Breathing Exercises, Guided Imagery, and Music Therapy: Another comment by a parent illustrates the benefit of such approaches. “Robin works with my son during very difficult 3F8 monoclonal antibody treatments. He has taught him how to meditate and focus. Both Robin and my son amaze me.” ■

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