Expert Point of View: William J. Gradishar, MD

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William J. Gradishar, MD

Discussant William J. Gradishar, MD, the Betsy Bramsen Professor of Breast Oncology at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University in Chicago, endorsed Dr. Shafaee’s conclusions, while highlighting caution in interpreting the results.

“At first blush, it certainly is impressive,” said Dr. Gradishar, “but as Dr. Shafaee observed, the number of subjects is simply too small to make any sweeping recommendations based on these data. Another issue to consider—the cohort is largely an estrogen receptor–positive population. Is this necessarily a population that reflects all BRCA mutation carriers? Also, as pointed out, the follow-up is short.”

“I think the conclusions from these data are intriguing and warrant further evaluation,” he added, “but I would caution the use of this broadly in this group of individuals.”  ■

Disclosure: Dr. Gradishar reported no potential conflicts of interest.