Compassionate ASCO Print Resource for Families Facing Serious Illness

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The ASCO Answers Advanced Cancer Care Planning booklet contains comprehensive information about how patients can communicate directly and honestly about advanced cancer and end-of-life care with their friends, family, and children, as well as the health-care team. With this expert resource, patients and their families can learn more about their diagnosis and available treatment options at their own pace and have a list of useful resources at their fingertips. Featured content includes:

  • Thorough descriptions of the care options for advanced cancer
  • A guide to making decisions about care
  • Steps for coping with the diagnosis
  • Tips for effective communication
  • Real patient stories that illuminate the journey through advanced cancer
  • Resources for patients and caregivers.

Download a free printable PDF at or visit to order a pack of 50 booklets for just $20 (that’s only $0.40 each!). Free domestic shipping, and ASCO members save 20%. ■

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