Gynecologic Cancers

New ASCO Cervical Cancer Guidelines Address Global Resource Disparities

On May 25, ASCO issued its first clinical practice guideline on invasive cervical cancer. This resource-stratified guideline is the first of its kind from ASCO...

Issues in Oncology

Maximizing Cancer Cure: How Do We Get There?

Is cancer really “curable,” and if so, how? For a “Cancer Dialogue” held during the 2016 American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting, half...

Breast Cancer

Meta-analysis of Breast Cancer Studies Demonstrates Value of Pathologic Complete Response

In a meta-analysis of neoadjuvant studies totaling over 18,000 patients, achievement of pathologic complete response was associated with significantly...


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Gastroesophageal Cancer

Jaffer Ajani, MD, on Metastatic Gastroesophageal Cancers: Expert Perspective

Redesigned Launches With Improved Usability

ASCO launched a new and improved website in early April, with a focus on improving the user experience. The Society’s redesigned online home makes it easier than ever for members and visitors to find the oncology-related information and resources they trust and value.

The site’s redesign is the...


External Validation of a Prediction Tool for Chemotherapy Toxicity in Older Patients With Cancer

Hurria et al validated a prediction tool for chemotherapy toxicity in cancer patients aged ≥ 65 years in an external cohort, according to a report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The predictive model had been developed in a prior study in 500 patients.

Study Details

The study...

Symptom Management

Joseph B. Narus, DNP, GNP-BC, ANP, on Sexual Function in Survivors: Guideline Update

Tell Your Patients About PRE-ACT

Preparatory Education About Clinical Trials (PRE-ACT), a free video-based program, helps patients and their caregivers learn about clinical trials and address barriers to participation. Direct your patients to to learn more about this online resource. Also, visit

Issues in Oncology

Physicians as Champions for Quality Improvement

Interest in quality measurement and improvement was once primarily a concern of regulators, insurers, and consumer advocates. Today, quality improvement is front and center in health care—a continuous mission requiring the efforts of everyone on the health-care team. At the recent ASCO Quality Care ...

DDW 2016: Low-Residue Diet Prior to Colonoscopy Shows Improved Tolerance and Bowel Preparation vs Clear Liquid Diet

A new study finds that patients who ate certain solid foods, considered “low residue,” were better prepared for their colonoscopies than individuals who followed the conventional liquid diet. Additionally, researchers saw that these patients who ate foods such as eggs, white bread,...

Issues in Oncology

Joseph O. Jacobson, MD, on Improving Cancer Care: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why

AACR Welcomes New Board of Directors, Nominating Committee Members

The members of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) have elected five members to serve on the AACR Board of Directors for the 2016–2019 term and four members to serve on the Nominating Committee for the 2016–2018 term. They began their terms at the 2016 AACR Annual Meeting, held...


Leisure-Time Physical Activity Reduces Risk of Multiple Cancer Types

In a study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, Moore et al found that greater leisure-time physical activity was associated with a reduced risk for many types of cancer.

Study Details

The study used pooled data on 1.44 million adults from 12 prospective U.S. and European cohorts with...